Pawa Loans

About Pawa Loans

How many times have you wanted to pull out your hair because your electricity has been disconnected and you’re at your wits end as to how to buy electricity tokens? Why would you take out a large unnecessary loan to pay for one bill? That is where Pawa comes in.

A unique offering from the Pawa brand that distinguishes it from its competitors is the Pawa Loan. If you’re running low on cash and do not want to experience a disconnection once you run out of units, Pawa can give you a loan to buy electricity tokens.

Getting Started

The Pawa loan will be at a 15% interest charge and is payable after 1 month of receipt.

The minimum amount one can borrow with the Pawa loan is Ksh 50 whereas the maximum amount depends on your average consumption.

To be able to qualify for a Pawa loan, you will need to have conducted a minimum of five transactions with Pawa. And, once you qualify for a Pawa loan, you will receive the loan in form of tokens. An in app notification will be sent to you with your tokens minus the interest on the loan.