Pawa FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Include:

  • What is Pawa?
    Pawa is a service provider that enables electricity consumers purchase electricity tokens using their mobile phone.
  • What is the relationship between Pawa, Dynamo Digital Company Ltd (DDCL) and Kenya Power and Lighting Corporation (KPLC)?
    Pawa is a brand of DDCL and an approved KPLC prepaid token super vendor.
  • How can you pay for your electricity using Pawa?
    Pawa have two payment options. You can pay for your electricity bills through the:-

    1. Pawa App – which is available from the Google Play Store and App store currently
    2. Pawa Paybill No. 800904

    Visit the ‘How to Pay’ tab for further details about the two payment options.
  • What happens if there’s a system delay and no SMS is received or I haven’t been contacted?
    Pawa will make every effort to ensure you are contacted after your pre-paid transaction. If this happens, you can enquire via

    1. Social media; Facebook: @PawaKenya or Twitter: @PawaAppKenya
    2. Our customer service support number 0712444333 / 0731444333

  • What are the Pawa, KPLC and Safaricom service charges?

    1. Pawa does not charge extra to process your tokens.
    2. There are also no KPLC service charges.
    3. The usual Safaricom Mpesa transaction charges apply.

  • What is the minimum number of units one can buy and how much will that cost?
    There is no minimum number of units that can be purchased so long as the monthly KPLC fixed charges of Ksh 174 has been met.