In our efforts to make buying electricity tokens easy and straightforward we decided to come up with a ‘Pawa wallet’, an E-Wallet that you can load up money specifically set aside to buy electricity tokens. Money can be loaded to your E-Wallet via mobile money.

There are very many advantages to the Pawa E-Wallet like:

  1. Plan Your Finances:

    You can easily plan your finances and stick with it with the Pawa E-Wallet because the amount of money you load will only be used to purchase electricity.

  2. It is Free

    The Pawa E-Wallet is completely free to use. It does not charge you any operation fee, transaction fee or require a monthly maintenance fee.

  3. Load Your E-Wallet Anytime

    There are no specified timelines as to when you can load up your E-Wallet. You can load it up in advance or even just before a transaction. With as little or as much money as you want.

  4. No Risk of Overspending

    It is not possible to spend more than what you have available in your E-Wallet. So you will never run the risk of accidentally spending any more than you intended.

  5. Easily Monitor Your Loan Balance

    Once you receive your Pawa loan, the loan balance will be reflected in your Pawa E-Wallet as a minus the amount.
    For example; if you request a 500 KES loan, what you will see in your Pawa E-Wallet is -425 KES. This is to enable you easily identify and monitor your loan balance.

  6. Send or Receive Money with the Pawa E-Wallet

    If your friend runs out of cash and does not have enough money in their E-Wallet, you can send money directly to their E-Wallet from your mobile money account i.e Mpesa instantly.

  7. Okoa a Friend with the Pawa E-Wallet

    You can buy tokens for a friend directly from your Pawa E-Wallet. After you have keyed in the amount of money, just add your friend’s meter number and click send.